Integrity, authenticity, sustainability, and grace. Values to live by - values that inspire our approach to home design.

Our Vancouver Island-based office specializes in carefully tailored single family homes and renovations. We also sell pre-designed plans that grow from our two decades of passionate commitment to creating homes that live large while staying modest in size, and that age timelessly while accommodating the needs of modern life.

Our practice is founded on the belief that good house design can be a truly transformative force in peoples' lives and for the greater health of the planet. We strive with every project to create a home that is "future friendly" both in its impact on the earth and in its resilience in the face of economic and environmental uncertainty.

The optimal response, we believe, is home design that considers the deepest yearnings of its residents and the unique attributes of its setting. These homes live lightly (consume little, and produce much, i.e. energy, food, inspiration), are enduring, and glorify the act of dwelling through their beauty and grace. Such homes nourish at every level - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They support us in pursuit of our higher aspirations and encourage a stronger connection to the people and things we love.

From stock plans for beautiful, efficient, and affordable homes, to custom house plans designed with care and great attention to detail, to deeply sustainable houses and dwellings that are built of natural materials and obtain their energy from renewable sources - as far as you are willing to go, we have the passion and the expertise to take you there.




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